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It's been a frantic few days, and haven't managed to keep up with friends' posts at all, but it's for a good reason, for once: I'm on my way to the States! (Yes, as I write, but only on the coach to Dublin Airport for now.) haven't been back since 2004 and haven't crossed the Atlantic by myself since before I was married. Will be seeing friends I haven't seen for far too long, and some I've never seen outside a computer screen, and relatives as well.

I have wonderful beta reading with me, and a C.J. Cherryh packed in my bag, along with my new 3 Euro reading glasses so I have a hope of being able to read it.

And last night, when I went down to our beloved local health food store to get tofu for dinner, I mentioned that I was going away the next day. Oliver (one of the family owners who lived in San Francisco for some years) asked me where I was going. I told him it would be around Massachusetts and he asked if I might be going into a certain health food store of some repute. I had already planned to, and he asked me if I could check out the deli section for him! And get menus! And maybe take pictures! And if the one in Cambridge was especially nice, to let him know, because he "wouldn't mind visiting it" himself!

My mission, should I choose to accept it....

Catch y'all on the flip side! (Assuming the plane isn't washed right out of the sky by the miserable windy rain we're having now.) [Insert other generic jinx-avoiding utterances here]

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