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In which Lady Schrapnell finds Saga... and herself - So Many Books...

Oct. 16th, 2006

10:15 pm - In which Lady Schrapnell finds Saga... and herself

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But in a cool, post-modern sort of way, rather than a touchy-feely one - with links!

So, there's something about Conor Kostick. As a brief, but necessary reminder, a series of synchronicitous (not really a word, but should be, in my book) happenings ended up getting me reading Epic, just in time to wind up directly behind Conor in Dublin airport, on the way to Worldcon last year. I was subtle about nudging Older Daughter and showing her Conor's picture in front of the book, honest. He just happened to turn around while OD was making the 'Damn - I think you're right!' look in return.

Haven't crossed paths with him since, but a few weeks ago I saw that he had a new book coming out, and LJed that, along with the fact that I hadn't found it in the bookshops while in town. A few days after that, having looked (again in vain) for the book (Saga) in Dun Laoghaire, I saw Conor himself heading to the DART station. No - this is not a stalker story! It's synchronicity, not weirdness... At about the same time I wanted to find when I'd read a completely unrelated book, and put a word of that title and 'schrapnell' into Google blog search - resulting in two hits - 'Lady Schrapnell meets Conor' being the first. Somewhat to my surprise. When I told him, Charlie promptly tried for himself and found an earlier entry - his reward being that he got several mentions (though one is his old website).

I now have my very own copy of Saga, and started reading it despite also having Looking for Alaska and Shug in my hot little - well, on my dog-hair covered bed, atm. There's a compliment! But now being aware of the existence of Conor's blogspot, I went to check out the buzz on Saga's release, and found - to my surprise and amusement - this entry. Hey - if the subsequent entry is about going to Japan to receive an IBBY award, somehow it seems funny that Lady Schrapnell's failing to find the book is such big news....

About half-way through, and it's very good - as intelligent and thoughtful as Epic, very engaging characters, and the prose smoother. I could have done with a quick reread of Epic before starting this, but it'd probably still be challenging. I'll try not to do anything approaching a spoiler (and it seems tough to talk about the book in any way without spoiling, I think), but the concepts are keeping me well on my mental toes, as it were. And I'd an 'aha' moment today, when something fell into place that would probably have been obvious if I'd been - well, a teen, who didn't have to think twice about concepts like virtual reality.