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Final summary

Userpic I chose for the 48HRC proved more appropriate than I'd have liked, given the amount of time I was trying to read while feeding dogs, hushing Douggie after he'd nearly taken a kidney out catapulting himself to the window to bark furiously at a passerby or the like. (That'd be my kidney, BTW.)

Anyway - have had to check my numbers quite a few times now, but I have come up with 27 hours pretty consistently.  It's down on last year, and that's a bit disappointing, but still not too bad. 

I'm donating to Books for Africa, as I said in my introductory post, and it'll be €27 unless I can hit my mother up for a contribution as well in which case I'll update this.

Only read 6 books, and the better part of a 7th (Karen Cushman's Alchemy and Meggy Swann), which is low, as always, but some of those hours were taken up by posting, social networking (well below the 1 hour per 5 hours' reading, but I didn't keep careful track) and walking around the house, hanging up laundry, etc, etc. 

MotherReader is donating a dollar for each person who finishes the Challenge this year, which is very impressive, given the 106 participants!  I can see that the rest of the week could easily disappear entirely in reading through all the entries made by all the participants, and noting down all the books that need to join Mt. TBR.  It's nice not to have it all over as soon as the Finish List post is made at MR's though. 

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