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Finishing line, quick stats.

Added up my reading time, rang my mother, talked to the girls about dinner, and as the official finish line doesn't seem to be up at MotherReader's yet, will have to remember to clock in there later. I'll also be coming back to do at least quick write-ups on three of the books read during the Challenge.

So. Sixth Annual 48 Hour Book Challenge stats:

Total hours spent reading & reviewing (or in the allowed proportion of audiobook listening and reading/commenting on other participants' blogs) 32 hours, 15 minutes.

Books read: 7 and about a quarter of an audiobook.

Donating €50 to Barnardos.

Interesting connections between the books? None jumped out at me this year. Will think about it as I walk down to buy groceries.

Degree of challenge? It seemed surprisingly easy this year! I'm still slower than most of the world, and finishing a few of the books demanded my trademark iron discipline (for anyone who doesn't know me, that's 100% sarcastic), but being able to switch from iPod and audiobook to print book so I didn't waste time while feeding the dogs or myself helped a lot, and as always, it was great that there were so many people participating. Also, glasses instead of contacts for the weekend made continuous reading much easier. A detail I'm sure everyone finds deeply fascinating.
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